My Story
During college, in the early 90's, I started a yoga practice and dabbling in different dietary theories.  Then, after several different jobs between college and Key West, my massage therapist offered to train me as a therapist.  In 2004, I began an intense year of apprenticeship, covering over 1400 hours in anatomy, physiology, massage history, theory, and technique, eastern meridian influence, hands-on massage, and more.  It was an amazing experience, learning directly from one of my life’s great mentors, and beginning a career that would change my life.  I completed the program in 2005, successfully fulfilling all of the FL Department of Health’s apprenticeship requirements and passing the national exam with high marks, to obtain my massage license in Florida.  In 2009, I obtained a New Jersey massage license, as well.

I earned my 200-hour yoga teacher certificate in 2008, and have been teaching since.  Meditation and yoga are such great exercises for body, mind, and spirit.  They allow for freedom and flexibility, as well as strength and concentration.   

Several years later, I was ready to expand my knowledge and ability to share health and wellness with my clients and others.  I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a certified health coach in 2016, with knowledge in a variety of dietary theories, as well as exercise theory, stress management, 
and lifestyle coaching.  

 I also found myself being challenged with some common health issues, gastro-intestinal and joint inflammation, for which western medicine was not offering any viable remedies.  This affirmed for me that the state of my health was up to me, and for the first time in my life, I was up for the challenge.

The first huge step to changing my life was to take control of my diet.  This allowed me to blend a life-long passion for healthy food and cooking with all the new knowledge I was gaining.  I tried all different ways of eating and combined the things that worked best for me.  This is an ongoing process, as I’m still learning how some items effect me.  I now make 90% of my food from scratch, real whole food, free of added chemicals, colorings, and preservatives.  I know this sounds daunting to some, but to me cooking is simple and fun.  I love using fresh herbs and spices, locally and regionally grown produce, and other pure ingredients. 

In addition to loving great food, yoga, meditation, and receiving massages, I love my husband, and taking adventures together.  I love seeing live music, and curling up with a good book.  I love taking a hike in the woods, and diving into a deep blue sea.  I love to explore the world around me and to continue to learn more about it.  I love spending time with family and dear friends.  

Life is a blessing and I have been blessed.